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Date User Serial Description Media
11 Oct 2011 Edward 0000a The very first ShapeOko Hello World
19 Feb 2012 Burke_LaShell 0000b Hello world complete! Burke hello world.JPG
7 Mar 2012 RedOko 0036 Hello RedOko world complete! RedOko.JPG
25 Mar 2012 DrRob 0035 See Dr. Rob's build on his user page.
Unknown Kosme 0001 First Kickstarter full kit supporter http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/download/file.php?id=1458
07 MAR 2012 Miguel 0008 Hello world complete! Bluemetalhw.jpg
02 MAY 2012 Enraged 0047 Enraged Hello World.jpg
10 Mar 2012 bxd 0019 Hello world complete! Speed tweaking!
11 Mar 2012 alden 0049 Shapeoko runs 16,000 mm/min
18 Mar 2012 StephenWright 0037 Hello world complete! Think the drivers where over heating at the end, the Oko is messed up StephenWrightOko1.JPG
24 Mar 2012 Andre 0022 It's alive! Hooray!
24 Mar 2012 Improbable Construct 0053 First Cut!
3/4" Plywood painted red.
16 Apr 2012 nogthree 0005 Hello worlded ages ago, but forgot to update. Nogoko.jpg
27 Apr 2012 mkellner 0012 First prints. MilfordFirstPrint.jpg
27 Apr 2012 rmadams 0015 Hello world!
18 June 2012 alpha 0345 Hello world!. Btw I did build the ShapeOko right in front of my PC, in the space you can see in the picture. Alpha helloworld.jpg
23 June 2012 dointhangs 0298 hello world! A 2 day old shapeoko doing its first "complete word" test run, Santa Barbara CA
24 June 2012 randallagordon 0383 Hello World, literally! Created using Grbl Controller. Randallagordon-shapeokohelloworld.jpg
27 June 2012 SnapFracturePop 0384 Hello, world! Like my kitchen/workshop table? Shapeoko 384.jpg
30 June 2012 SuzieChuzie 0301 Hello World. My first "original" test run. ShapeOko 301 pic.JPG
3 July 2012 aliekens 211 Hello Shapeoko! Hello ShapeOko 211.jpg
3 July 2012 pkropf 502 Wahoo!
3 July 2012 Winder 367 First good drawing. Shapeoko 367.jpg
July 7, 2012 Tom Smith 191 CanuckOko!
09 JUL 2012 AusRobotics 435 Hello Shapeoko! I had alot of test cuts first, but here is one that looks good. Helloworld chrislee australia.png
10 July 2012 User:Dwight E ???? Copper Mountain Logo
11 July 2012 User:Marcohess 290 ShapeOko #290 completing a PyCAM generated text job. ShapeOko290.jpg
14 July 2012 User:Bobt 397 Standard built unit with cable control with ID tag just so it does not get lost. This is a www.Inventables.com kit and I love it. 274-1.jpg273-1.jpg
16 July 2012 User:tgsnyder 447 Hello World in ballpoint ink. Inventables mechanical kit with a grblShield, running slow until I can make the z-axis trace cut mod.
21 July 2012 User:MarkoDiMarko 243 Hello world with a twist ;) Shapeoko 243.jpg
15 Sept 2012 Aaron Seltzer 00216 Dual Y, Nema 24's, New Motor Plates, New End Plates SeltzerFirstPlot.jpg
16 Sept 2012 LineKernel 00567 Standard with transparent paint , i am happy with my serial number ShapeOko567helloworldalternativeangle.JPG
25 Sept 2012 misan 00721 Dual Y-motor, nema23, outside belt
01 Oct 2012 raj 00692 Standard, Inventables mechanical kit with a grblShield and single-Y. HelloWorld692.jpg
04 Oct 2012 BrettBalogh 00606 Standard, Inventables mechanical kit with grblshield v3, 200 step/rev, 32oz/in steppers. Interactive control from iPad via TouchOSC->Rhino/Grasshopper->grbl [1]
11 Oct 2012 jimw 00434 Standard Inventables mechanical kit; CNC-611 controller driven by an old laptop running linuxcnc 2.5.0. This early spring-loaded pen holder has been superseded with pens with spring-loaded cartridges. W88HelloWorld.png
28 Oct 2012 diogoalves 523 First job in Shapeoko.
18 Nov 2012 zerblatt007 Batch 5 First job! :) Shapeoko-zerblatt.jpg
17 Nov 2012 phlamingo 00571 From Batch 2. Hello World: I spent some time tweaking the vertical motion, but still ended up mashing the tip of the Sharpie. That's the horrible grinding sound in the video.
9 Dec 2012 Nytblade ? LinuxCNC, Nema17s, KL-4030 Motor Drivers
12 Dec 2012 dr00bie ? LinuxCNC, NEMA 23, TB6560 Controller
29 Dec 2012 mtschaef ?1227? I'm taking a guess on the number - I figure I have to be close and so I picked the day I got it.
21 Jan 2013 willadams 364-(Rebuilt) Used Shapeoko bought disassembled, rebuilt, then success after placing a fan to cool the controller board. Stock, w/ AtomCNC board Wfa-shapeoko-hello-me.JPG
07 Feb 2013 kkessler 570 I finally got a chance to put this together. I guess I've been watching too much football. RavensOko.jpg
11 Feb 2013 GusPS 637 Finally!!!.. Linux -> Mono C# -> USB -> Metaboard -> grbl
04 Mar 2013 rmellin 193 Finally assembled. Inkscape with GCodeGenerator plugin, Tektron Font 72 pt RmellinOko.jpeg
06 APR 2013 Danimal Dunno Hello world! My name is ShapeO-my God it is trying to destroy itself! Panic Stop check complete. 20130406 194820.jpg
06 APR 2013 Danimal Dunno Okay I think I have this figured out. 20130406 194807.jpg
11 APR 2013 AnthonyB Dunno My first milling run and drawing. I accidentally a hole in the table too though :( AnthonyB Shapeoko2-320.jpg
17 FEB 2013 enrico.bazan 1233 Here we are!
11 JUL 2013 moczys 1713F Ta da! Very excited to start milling! HelloWorld.JPG
3 SEP 2013 kevinj73us 602 Ready to go! Hello.jpg
15 SEP 2013 Auzze 1995F Ready to go!
12 NOV 2013 BotDoc 1728F OK, not the first thing I milled, but one of the first. 1728.jpg
13 JAN 2014 Ljkramm 3047 Time lapse of the build, ending with 1st run with felt tip marker
7 MAR 2014 pacaj2am ? Finally built Pacaj2am.jpg
31 MAR 2014 Rocketboy ? Built and working. Uploaded my sharpie holder to Thingiverse. It works in the dremel bracket and you should be able to use one of the left-over long M3 screws that came with the steppers. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:286052 Rocketboyhello.jpg
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