Shapeoko 3

A Robust CNC Router for your Workshop

We all take for granted that a shop has a table saw or a drill press now; there's a basic group of tools that most shops have. We believe that a CNC machine is now a basic tool for a modern shop.

We designed the Shapeoko 3 to be affordable enough for any shop and powerful enough to do real work.

We designed our own custom extrusion to minimize flexing and bending. We hold those extrusions together with heavy steel plates, and we drive it around with custom electronics that we designed only for the Shapeoko. This is not a light-duty machine.



  • Metric: 725mm x 600mm
  • Imperial: 28.5" Wide x 23.6" Deep
  • Cutting Area

  • Metric: 425mm x 425mm x 75mm
  • Imperial: 16" x 16" x 3" Inches

  • Power

  • 110 / 240 V, 5 Amps
  • Electronics

  • Industrial grade 3-axis motion control board.
  • GRBL Firmware.

  • Spindle

  • Dewalt DW611 (Not included)
  • Porter Cable 450 (Not included)
  • Software

  • Carbide Motion Machine Control Software. OS X and Windows supported.

  • Frame

  • Custom Aluminum Extrusion
  • 10ga Formed Steel Plates
  • Motion System

  • GT2 Belting, 2mm pitch
  • 120oz/in NEMA23 Motors (4 total)

  • The Shapeoko 3 is shipped as a kit. You can expect to spend about 2 or 3 hours putting it together. This is our third kit and we have incorporated all that we've learned about making powerful machines that are easy to put together. There is no cutting/drilling/tapping required- just bolt the parts together with the included tools.

    You'll need to provide a trim router to do the cutting; the Shapeoko 3 kit includes everything else you need to have a running machine. We include a mount for the Dewalt DWP611 trim router, which you can buy online for about $100.

    Not Looking for a Kit?

    We also make the Nomad 883, a ready to run, fully-enclosed CNC machine.

    If you don't want a kit, check it out.

    What can it Cut?

    The Shapeoko 3 was designed to cut wood, plastic, and metals such as aluminum and brass. People have used Shapeoko to make PCB boards, cut quad copter frames, wood signs, RC car parts, product prototypes, and lithopanes. We could go on but you get the point.

    How Accurate is it?

    The Shapeoko 3 has a theoretical resolution of about .001" ( about .025 mm). In real life you can expect your finished parts to be accurate to about .005" ( about .15 mm). That's the thickness of a sheet of paper, or a human hair.

    How Much is It?

    Shapeoko 3 sells for $999. Shipping anywhere in the US is $50, Shipping to Canada is $75.

    We know what else is out there and we feel confident saying that it's the best value available.

    Made in the USA

    We designed the Shapeoko in California and Illinois. We extrude our aluminum in Pennsylvania. We cut our steel plates and electronics in California. We have a shop in Indiana make other small metal parts. Our boxes come from the US and we pack it up here too.

    Wherever we can, we use domestic shops to make our parts.

    We could absolutely get everything cheaper in China, but that's not the kind of product we want to make.

    What comes with the kit?

    Shapeoko 3 Kit Contents

    Everything you need to get started! (except a trim router)


    Linear rails and Bearings (wheels)

    Belting and idlers

    Nema23 Stepper Motors

    Power Supply and Cord

    Motion controller

    USB Cable

    Machine Control Software



    Aluminum Spindle Mount

    Tools for assembly

    You need to provide your own Dewalt DW611 trim router

    The History of Shapeoko

    Shapeoko started in 2011 via Kickstarter and quickly became one of the most popular desktop CNC machines on the market. Literally thousands of Shapeoko's have been shipped over the past 4 years.

    Shapeoko 3 is the latest in this line of machines and we've taken 4 years of learning to make it the best Shapeoko ever made.

    Who Are We?

    Shapeoko is designed and built by Carbide 3D, a small company in California dedicated to making the best desktop and benchtop CNC machines available.

    © Carbide 3D LLC 2015