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No Fabrication.

If you can tighten a bolt, you can assemble Shapeoko. The closest you'll come to fabricating during the assembly process is tapping the rails. Outside of that, the entire assembly process involves screws, washers, and nuts. Easy. Peasy.

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Easy Upgrades

Specifications of default configuration

Footprint 550mm x 500mm
Cutting Area 300mm x 300mm x 50mm
Power Supply 24VDC
Controller Arduino Based
Collet Size 1/8" (3.175mm)
Expandable Yes
Motor Size nema 17 (nema 23 compatible)
Belting GT2 (open ended)
Pulley Size 2mm Pitch (20 tooth)
Rapid Speed 2000mm/min (80ipm)
Carriages Powder Coated Steel Plates
Frame Aluminum Extrusion
Rail System MakerSlide

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Totally open, completely accessible.


Contribute, Remix, Tweak, and Improve. Sources available at Github.

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Our well documented, open source toolchain will get you from idea to making in no time!

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Shared Knowledge

A community curated wiki with build details, hello worlds, upgrade ideas and more.

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