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An excellent introduction is:

Especially useful is CNC Quick Reference[1] --- a one-page .pdf w/ the essentials of cutting and G-Code.

Unique and useful sources for:


We have forums set up here.

Most questions should be posted there. Hopefully the answers to your question will help someone in the future.

Additional Forums

Google Group

Initially, a ShapeOko Google group was used for discussion. it has now been archived in favor of the forums.

Google group.jpg

IRC Node [2]

Web Sites

There is an effort to get a Digital Fabrication area going on StackExchange, but it needs another two dozen or so questions to be up-voted.

Buildlog site logo.gif

Build logs are the open source equivalent of the research notebook. You basically document the progress of a project, but it can be so much more. You can collaborate with others, get feedback, have people review your work. Often feedback can save you from mistakes already made by others.

The site and forum are run by Barton Dring, whom we can thank for MakerSlide.

Dank Nice info on installing GRBL End Mill Speed & Feed Calculator
repables Site for open source project files.
Search for ShapeOko on Thingiverse There's a wide variety of contributed files for upgrades, components and convenience items available.
Search for ShapeOko on Trimble 3D Warehouse There's a wide variety of contributed files for upgrades, components and a complete machine:
CNC Mentor Blog site with a variety of articles under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Chestnut Pens: Downloads Collection of CNC utility and other programs. (German) Site collecting free DXFs.
50 Digital Wood Joints Creative Commons collection of joints suited for cutting w/ a CNC. See also Fabrication Techniques & Hardware.
GrabCAD Large site w/ a vast collection of CAD files to download.
CNC milling guide from Melbourne hackerspace Concise overview of milling.
Online G-Code commenter Useful to learn G-code.
Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting
Wiki CNCDIY List of software. Other pages are interesting, w/ an extensive list of books by topic from List of links and files Motion Basics and Standards by the Newport Corporation. Computer Sculpture External Links Page --- company also sells software and hardware at a discount. ShapeOko Google Circle/Community. Little CNC Community Google Circle. CNC on reddit. Hobbiest CNC on reddit. ShapeOko on reddit. Tap and drill chart
gplEDA Links to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools that are released under the GPL. Wiki of opensource CAD CAM software, w/ some commentary. CNC 4 everyone Beginner's guide to CNC technology. Collection of tools for calculating various geometries. Worldwide hobby community for machinist-built model engines. Simple Grid Graph Paper PDF Generator Site for plans for projects for a Shopbot (proprietary fileformat, but may provide inspiration) Woodworking Projects for Beginners --- list of 50 woodworking projects on Instructables.

Web Pages

Tutorial Videos

Fabtotum community CAM work and calculations



GitHub is an opensource development collaboration site which is used to house the source files for the ShapeOko project.

Inventor's Links

YouTube Channel

Edward's channel on YouTube

Other ShapeOko YouTube videos.

Edward's Blog


Chronological listing available here: feed://


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Another option is to search on filetype:svg on Google's image search, or to search Wikimedia

Project Design Sharing Sites

3D model sources

SVG generators

Since the typical workflow makes use of scalable vector graphics (SVG), one can leverage tools which make these to produce designs or design elements for cutting:

Design generators



One can of course use a probe, or laser digitizer. A profile gauge is a useful option as well:

Project Generators

Geometry [4]


Discussion of many of these at:

Carbide Create






Thread generator: Thingiverse: Nut Job

Plans for Projects --- Cool collection of household, office and toy plans[13]

Resources for free plans for projects:




Clocks and Gears

See CAD, Clocks.



Holiday Decorations







c.f., List of Tools

Vacuum Forming [29]


Musical Instruments






Inspirational Pieces

Construction of an 18th-c French Mechanical Table

Kinetic models --- includes sculpture, a hummingbird, marble machine, clock, &c. Notable for having a tools page which shares the underlying mechanical concepts and formulae (linked to elsewhere on the wiki)

Sites specifically for project plans

Sites for 3D Models






Hardware References

Drill Charts