Shapeoko #0735, mods evolution... (at least my version) ;-)

Re: Shapeoko #0735, mods evolution... (at least my version)

Postby wlanfox » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:03 am

LTMNO wrote:Very nice!
Love the work of plastic/hdpe into the build... I need to get on that as well...
Thanks for the post.

p.s. are you cutting these out on your other mill... or the shapeoko?

I cut them using the Original shapeoko, I had all the parts laying around, but once I cut them I decided to make this the old-version, main change is the longer rails. On the new machine I am going with the steel v-wheels and I didn't want to waste the 500mm rails.... summery in order....

    1) machine in pieces
    2) re-build with 300mm rails, to have a machine on which I can cut parts for new machine.
    3) decided to upgrade this machine with the parts I was cutting (good experimental platform)
      a) 300mm->500mm rails
      b) all the other updates as listed above.
    4) working on new machine
      a) y axis 600mm, x axis 760mm rails (want to have A2 size work area (420mm × 594mm) usually one looses about 165mm in each axis to the mounting plates and v-wheels.)
      b) steel v-wheels and hardcoated open-rails
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Re: Shapeoko #0735, mods evolution... (at least my version)

Postby Gadgetman! » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:17 am

I got a set of motor mounts 3D printed in ABS this weekend.
ABS shrinks a bit, though, so they need a bit of 'adjustment' with a drill bit.
(Doesn't hurt to use thicker than normal walls so that there's a bit of material to work with when adjusting)
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Re: Shapeoko #0735, mods evolution... (at least my version)

Postby NormanF » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:24 am

wlanfox wrote: b) steel v-wheels and hardcoated open-rails

If you do not already have some you will need to find an alternate source or material. Openrail does not sell the hard anodized anymore. I asked them about it and they said it did not sell well. If you have an alternative let us know what it is because I will need some eventually.

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