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For those of you who have yet to assemble your own machines, here’s a 2 minute primer on how to setup your GT2 belts on a stock Shapeoko 3.

The basic gist of the process goes like this:

X & Y-Axis:

  1. Install belt anchors on the base frame with just a little bit of slack in the GT2 belt.
  2. Loosen stepper motor.
  3. Pull up on stepper motor to tension belt. Weight of machine will load belts to ~12 lb.
  4. Lock motor position by tightening screws when edge of machine starts lifting.


  1. Install carriage plate assembly, ensure closed-loop belt is routed around idler and pulley.
  2. Using hex wrench, simultaneously pull down and tighten the slotted standoff. Use approx. 10 lb force.

With gravity on your side (at least for the X and Y axes), you should be able to achieve a consistent belt tension on your machine and get up and running soon.

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May Shipping Update

Important Billing Information

Over the next 2 weeks, we’re anticipating getting through the rest of batch #1 units and getting a healthy start on batch #2!

For everyone left in batch #1 and people who ordered early in batch #2 (up until the 21st of January) we are going to charge your balances now. This gives us enough time between today and shipping day, to straighten out any billing issues so you won’t get skipped over!

Shapeoko 3 in the wild!

In the last month lots and lots of people have received their machine, and we are really excited to see how people are going to use their Shapeoko 3. Brandon Fischer, one of our longtime members and a good friend of mine, got his Shapeoko 3 unboxed, assembled, and cut his first job in one afternoon.

For everyone else who’s received their machine and has run a job, feel free to reach out and let us know! We love seeing what people are doing with their machine!



Shapeoko 3 S/N:#0005 in action!

R&D News!

We are in the very early stages of prototyping our expansion packs. A couple weeks ago we took delivery of a few pieces of extrusion cut to about 6′ in length. As time permits we’ll continue working on these and update everyone as we go along.

We’ll be at MakerFaire!

If you’re planning to attend the Bar Area MakerFaire Bay, please stop by and see us at our Booth #1043. We’ll have a few Nomads running and a Shapoeko 3 on display for everyone to check out. 

As always, take care.

Edward, Rob, Jorge, Apollo


s3 naked

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As Shapeoko 3 units start arriving, the next questions on people’s minds will likely be: “how do I put my machine together?”

For the most up to date information, you should always check the Shapeoko Wiki ( and build thread ( first. Edward has put together a preliminary (but comprehensive) PDF of instructions you should start with.

Also available for your viewing pleasure is a high-level overview of the assembly process. Although it does not show a detailed part-by-part breakdown, it can be used to get an idea for how to approach your build.

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Shipping Update #3

Boxes away!

We’ve been shipping like crazy since our last update.

It’s taking longer than we’d like to get parts turned around from paint, but as it stands, we can ship units as fast as the painters can paint them. 

We are about 30% of the way through batch #1 orders and looking to finish those up in the next couple weeks.

Our new vendor is due to deliver a ton (actually 1.5 tons) of freshly painted parts within the same time span, which actually means that we’ll go directly from batch #1 into batch #2 with virtualy zero delay!

The silver lining to the whole debacle is that we’ve really had a chance to iron out our fulfillment procedures, and because of that, we know that once the parts are on our shelves, we’ll be able to cut through the pre-orders in a relatively short amount of time.
Our shop is still full of parts!

We’re getting parts in every day, so while we continue to fulfill batch #1, we are already getting everything prepared (power supplies built, controllers assembled, rails tapped, etc.) for batch #2.

Assembly Guide

Everyone is welcome to checkout the Shapeoko 3 Assembly thread on the forum.

If the forum isn’t your thing, feel free to download the assembly guide directly here:

We have the guide marked as preliminary as we work through a few more revisions, but as is, the document is completely usable and should be a great resource to get everyone up and running.

That’s it for now. As always, take care.

– Edward, Rob, Jorge, Apollo


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Shipping Update:

If you need to change your address or update your card information, now is the time!With shipping right around the corner, we will begin to charge the balance for all batch #1 pre-orders starting tomorrow (3/12/2015).


You’re getting custom software to control your machine!

We like using Carbide Motion so much to run the Nomad 883 that we couldn’t imagine having to go back and run something else for Shapeoko. So, we made Carbide Motion compatible with the new Shapeoko 3 controller!
Carbide Motion is a cross platform machine controller that is designed to be simple, reliable, and easy to use. We designed the software in house and will continue to refine and support the software to complement our machines.

More Controller Details

In the last update we told you that every Shapeoko 3 will be delivered with a custom controller that we designed from the ground up. The on-board microcontroller is arduino compatible and comes with GRBL (our favorite motion control software) pre-loaded with all the right settings. Plus, all of the I/O pins are buffered and broken out into male headers spread around the perimeter of the board. We’re really proud of the new controller and think you are really going to like it too.take care,

Edward, Rob, Jorge, Apollo

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