Experimental releases

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I spend a lot of time designing new machines. For the last 2+ years I’ve spent 5-10 hours a week taking a standard set of components (makerslide, fasteners, laser cut steel) and virtually configuring them into new designs via AutoDesk Inventor. To a small degree, I enjoy the work as it’s helped me both hone… Read more »

Makerfaire and images from the gallery

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It’s been an interesting couple of months, I managed to make it to Makerfaire in the Bay area a few weeks back, which was amazing to say the least. I had the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of really cool people, including Brook (of printrbot fame), Nate from Sparkfun, the Full spectrum laser guys,… Read more »

Scaling the design – a working example

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It’s been incredible (and predictable) how many people want a bigger ShapeOko. Last month, I was contacted by company looking for a solution for “testing” their product. They wanted something to run repetitive testing using a stylus. After finding the project through kickstarter, they gave me a call and we had a conversation about specifics…. Read more »