Experimental releases

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I spend a lot of time designing new machines. For the last 2+ years I’ve spent 5-10 hours a week taking a standard set of components (makerslide, fasteners, laser cut steel) and virtually configuring them into new designs via AutoDesk Inventor. To a small degree, I enjoy the work as it’s helped me both hone… Read more »

Growing and Changing

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Due to my lack of posting over the last several months, it may seem to the casual observer that the project is stagnant. It’s not! A quick look at the forums and you’ll see the community is alive and well and growing. Last week we tipped 1,000 members in the forum. That’s amazing to me…. Read more »

MakerCAM – a web based CAM program

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I have a little story to tell you. Years ago, maybe 7-8 at this point, I finished building my very first CNC machine. It was not named Shapeoko, you could not build it for anywhere near $300, and it was not assemble-able by nearly everyone. It was in fact, the exact opposite of Shapeoko. But,… Read more »

The times they are a changin

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Today, I’d like to share some big news coming out of Project Shapeoko hq. But, before we get to the big news, I’d like revisit the past and bring everyone up to speed. When this project started it was no more than a hobby to me. I suppose once the Kickstarter project was launched, and… Read more »

Better DXF exports from Inkscape

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If you’re using Inkscape as part of your CNC software stack, you may have found the default Inkscape DXF export utility to be um… lacking. To say the least. Exporting vector images as DXF from Inkscape with the default DXF module will result in a mangled mess of layers, lines, and long evenings trying to… Read more »

Flashing grbl to Arduino, clear EEPROM

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On a few occasions over the last several months I’ve wanted to flash a *fresh* install of grbl to an Arduino. As you may know, the problem with this is the persistent EEPROM settings that define your Shapeoko’s setup. Here’s the situation: To save you the hassle of having to re-input your grbl settings each… Read more »

GRBL, EMC2, and Mach3…oh my!

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When you start down a road that you haven’t traveled before, it’s hard to know what you need and what you don’t need. What’s important and what’s not important. So when there are choices, as a newcomer, it’s difficult to know what is the *right* choice. With this particular project, we’ve tried to take away… Read more »

All-in-one CNC Controller (Azteeg G1)

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A quick history: A little over 2 years ago, I posted this to the sprakfun forum. In summary it is a schematic for an ‘all-in-one’ cnc controller that I wanted to call grblDuino. The core of the design was based off the arduino chip (atmega 168 at the time) and 3 easy drivers (atmel A3977)…. Read more »