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After a few hours of work tonight, I managed to mate the NES controller with my mill. Seems to be a match made in heaven. The video is below for proof and the code is below that if you want to try this out for yourself (it’s very easy).

I’m planning to make this a permanent feature of my mill. In order to give it a cleaner appearance (instead of just shoving wires into the controller), I’ve ordered a set of NES controller sockets from parallax which I will be mounting in my case.

A couple of notes:
1.) The code is terrible, I will try to clean it up and re-post sometime soon.
2.) This is a very easy project, If you’re trying to interface your easydrivers with a 3 axis mill, a homemade bot, or anything else and want to add NES controller pad capabilities, give this a look. You’ll be surprised.
3.)The X axis on my machine is terribly loud! (note: The current revision of shapeoko doesn’t make that terrible noise anymore! It was a combination of a clearance issue and resonance. Both have been modified!)


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  1. Jason B

    Did you ever get the code reworked? I want to make a wireless pendant for GRBL and the code would be a great start.


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